2021 in Review

2021 was indeed an eventful and interesting year. If I were to write about it, a four part article won't be enough. However, I have decided to share a few interesting projects I was opportuned to work on during the year.

TRJ Company

While at DODO Design Agency, I was tasked with the responsibility of implementing the design made for TRJ Company website redesign

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Built Seampay's referral and thank you pages.

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Upon joining Parkway, I was assigned to a couple of projects one of which is Payzone. I worked on a couple of features which are Store Landing Page, Marketplace, Pay with Wallet, KYC, improved user experience and SEO to mention a few.

Store Landing PageMarketplace


Developed two high powered data driven dashboards, the service level agreement and metrics dashboard.


Implemented the Bank3D landing page design.

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Implemented Parkway's transition landing page design

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Health Station

Implemented the design for HealthStation website redesign.

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